Why choose Cross Waves as your church home? photo

Why choose Cross Waves as your church home?

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The Quest

Cross Waves Church was designed not around the typical church building question, “What does a good church look like?”  but on the question, “What does a good Christian look like?” 

Our search of the Bible led us to the following characteristic of a good Christian: he/she has a passion to become more like Christ. A good Christian follows this passion by:

  • Studying the Scriptures to understand God and what it means to be obedient to Him. 
  • Serving others as Christ demonstrated and taught. 
  • Sharing their faith with others.

The Design


Once a good Christian was defined, then Cross Waves Church was designed around the concept to help people become more like Christ by implementing the following core values:

  • Discipleship happens best in the context of relationships.
  • Ministry happens best in the context of teams.
  • Resources should go towards people and not places.

The Paradigm

These core values led us to design Cross Waves Church as a network of small groups of people (we call them Together Groups) that meet in homes throughout North America. 

We believe that spiritual training happens best within the context of relationships. When Jesus taught the disciples, He did it in the context of relationships. He taught the twelve disciples as a group, and sometimes He trained Peter, James and John together. When Jesus sent His followers to minister, He sent them out in teams of two or more. Therefore, our Together Groups mirror the small group setting that Jesus instituted to train His disciples.

Our Together Groups meet weekly in homes where someone has volunteered to be the host. The format of a Together Group is to have a meal, a time of sharing, singing, and a Bible lesson from our pastor via the Internet. Then as a group, we discuss what that passage of Scripture means to us personally. Worshipping in a Together Group emphasizes relationships.

Each Together Group emphasizes service to others within their neighborhoods. Each Together Group chooses service projects that help bring the reality of the gospel of grace closer to the lives of those around them. Serving in a Together Group emphasizes teams.

Since we use homes as our meeting spaces, we use much of our financial contributions to fund our community service projects and to send people of Cross Waves Church on short-term mission trips around the world. Giving in a Together Group emphasizes people.

We hope that you check out Cross Waves Church.

If you like what you have read here, go to Next Steps to learn how to become involved with Cross Waves Church, to become more like Christ, by studying the Bible, serving others, and sharing your faith.  

I want to be part of Cross Waves Church. What do I do now? photo

I want to be part of Cross Waves Church. What do I do now?

More Info

You have checked out the website, watched some of our weekly messages, and like our steps to become more like Christ by studying the Bible, serving others, and sharing our faith. So what's next?

Here are the steps to getting involved at Cross Waves Church:

  • Then email the Together Group Host and let him/her know that you are interested in checking their group out. 

If a Together Group is not close to you, here is how to start one: 

  • Set aside a specific time every week to study the Scriptures by watching our weekly sermon series and answering the application questions we provide.
  • Register your group contacting us at info@crosswaveschurch.com. We will send you the answers to the study questions each week.
  • Invite your family and friends to come to your Together Group.

Benefits of a Together Group

  • We work closely with you on how to host a Together Group. 
  • Your Together Group is eligible to receive community grants to serve people in your community with acts of kindness.
  • We keep you informed on what is happening at Cross Waves Church, such as serve and share opportunities of other local Together Groups in your area.
  • Contact us with questions about Cross Waves Church or the Bible. We will answer your questions as quickly as we can. Please let us know how we can serve you.

If you have any more questions about attending of starting a Together Group, please contact us at questions@crosswaveschurch.com. We will respond either by email or a telephone call, whichever you prefer.