Five Principles To Get Your Friends Following Christ
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Five simple principles to get your friends reading the Bible and following Christ. 
  • How you can set the environment to safely discuss God and the Bible...
  • The reason why many people will not attend the traditional church but will listen to you talk about God and the Bible.
  • OPEN the DOOR will give you a strategy to help you reach your friends and family for Christ.
  • This book will challenge the way you think about church and the reason you want to be part of a Christian community.
  • This book will open up opportunities for you to serve Christ in ways you never imagined.
Some of the Reviews for OPEN the DOOR.
  • "This book is written to the individual Christian. It is easily read but contains a deep meaning."
  • "This book fills a need for many who desire their loved ones to meet Jesus."
  • "Tim gives a lot of great ideas on how to win our non-believing friends and neighbors to Christ."
  • "This book simply and accurately states God's call for Believers to live for Christ. To be the church, not just attend one."