We Help You Become A Disciple -Maker, We Provide You With Video Bible Curriculum, Training, And Technology Tools.
Cross Waves Is A Multi-Site Church That Uses Homes Instead Of Church Buildings.
You invite others into your home for a meal and Bible  conversations  
As the host, you lead others in following a discipleship path given to us by Jesus
We provide the video Bible curriculum 
We help you teach your children about Jesus
Cross Waves Church Was Redesigned To Use A First-Century Approach To Share Christ With the Twenty-First Century.
When Jesus taught the disciples, He did it in the context of relationships. HotSpots mirror the small group setting that Jesus used to train his disciples.
When Jesus sent His followers to minister or serve people, He sent them out in teams of two or more. So when we go out to serve those less fortunate or to share our faith, we do it together as a team.
By meeting in homes, more funds go towards community service projects, and providing support for missionaries around the world.
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What People Are Saying...

Hear from a few of our Cross Waves Members.

Marie - "We break bread together, laugh. cry, grieve, support, and love one another. Isn't that what God intended His church to be like?"

Bryan - "I like meeting in a home. Cross Waves is so different and it works. People come to church who would never go to church on Sunday morning."

Terri - "One of the joys I experience as a Cross Waves Church Host is the opportunity to open my home and hospitality to others."

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What makes Cross Waves Church different?
Cross Waves is designed to make disciples, not gather a crowd. We are a church that is designed around one function, and that is to make disciples.

We meet in homes to emphasize relationships to aid in the disciple-making process. Meeting in homes naturally keeps the Home Groups small. Have you ever wondered why Jesus kept His main followers to only twelve people?

Meeting in homes allows Cross Waves to be more cost effective. The majority of the contributions to Cross Waves go to ministry, not to pay for mortgages or for building upkeep. Cross Waves Church gives a higher percentage of its offerings to missions and community service this way. Each Home Group (we call them HotSpots), has money set aside from its contributions to use within their community as it chooses.

We make church simple again. Each weekly get-together is centered on a meal and a Bible study, just like the New Testament church. After a short Bible message each week, each HotSpot discusses questions together from that week’s message. No big productions; just a meal and the Bible.

Cross Waves keeps your weekends free. Most Cross Waves Church weekly HotSpots meet on a weeknight, so your weekends are free to do whatever you would like. 

Cross Waves Church follows a simple plan to be more like Christ. Cross Waves Church meets weekly to study the Bible. Every year, each Home Group participates in four to six community service projects and enjoys four to six fun events where the group interacts with people who do not Christian Community Family.
What are the core values of Cross Waves Church?
God loves us just as we are, yet He wants to transform us to become more like His Son, Jesus Christ. This begins the journey that all followers of Christ must take to become like Christ. At Cross Waves, we call this our "faith journey." Cross Waves Church is designed around three segments of your faith journey to become more like Christ. Here are the three segments which we call S3 system:

• Discipleship happens best through relationships. We Study the Bible to learn and understand what God desires for us.

• Ministry happens best through teams. We Serve Others to mirror the behavior of Christ as He walked among humanity.

• Resources should go towards people and not places. We Share our financial resources to send teams to reach others with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our financial resources are set aside to minister, not pay for mortgages.
How is Cross Waves Church different from a Traditional Church?
We have the same mission as other Christians that serve the Lord in a traditional church setting, which is to become more like Christ through obedience to God. We practice the same things as a traditional church:

• We sing

• We pray

• We explain the Scriptures

• We practice baptism and communion

Yet our difference lies primarily in the following areas:

• Our atmosphere is informal and provides an opportunity for more interaction between participants. People learn more when training is interactive.

• Our weekly format is more of a dialogue and not a monologue. Everyone is welcome to participate.

• Without a building to maintain, more funds can go to people in need and serving opportunities.

• The small group setting resembles the way Christ taught His disciples

• Using homes is how the early church flourished even while under persecution.
How is Cross Waves Church different from a House Church?
It is easy to confuse Cross Waves as another House Church. We are very similar in style. Yet, there are some major differences:

• We put an emphasis on doctrine. Without a central training process, there is a higher possibility of heresy. This happened in the early church and currently is happening in China among house churches. Our Bible teachers have earned graduate level degrees in biblical history, languages, and culture.

• We put an emphasis on accountability and biblical ecclesiology. We follow Scripture in the use of Elders and Deacons. Accountability of the leadership team is part of our culture.

We put an emphasis on networking. HotSpots work together to serve their communities, go on short-term mission trips, and share their faith. We can do more as a network of HotSpots than when house churches served in isolation.
How is Cross Waves Church different from an Internet Church?
We love the flexibility that an internet church provides. We understand that God is not concerned about when we worship or where we worship. The Bible says in Acts 17:24, “The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by man.” (ESV)

Like the internet church, most of the people that follow Christ through Cross Waves Church do not meet on Sunday mornings, but worship together one evening during the week.

Yet, Cross Waves Church is unlike the internet church because of our emphasis on relationships. Jesus Christ taught His disciples through small groups. We strive to copy the format that Jesus Christ used with His disciples. The disciples ministered and traveled together sharing their faith. None of their ministries were done alone.

The passages in the Bible that illustrate that Christians are the body of Christ make no sense if we are not ministering together in teams. It should not be the practice for the Christian to follow Christ in isolation. Whenever the apostle Paul won a few converts to Christ, he immediately organized them into a small group, which today we would call a church. It is clear God expects us to be part of a community called the local church because He tells us what to do in church, how to behave in church, and even how to choose our leaders in the church.
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